∞ December 2018

¸¸.•*¨*•♫♪ A deep dive into the music of sonic loom artists
by our Psytrance Label DJ & Co-Founder Ordo Ab Chao
Ordo Ab Chao is the DJ and composer aka Bassilis. Since the early 90's he discovered the psy trance scene by exploring the parties in his hometown Athens. When he decided to follow that path, he started DJing and organizing open air's in Greece. Since 2000 he started traveling around Asia, he visited Goa and Kho Phangan island and he crossed paths with other like-minded artists, DJs, and travelers from all over the globe. Highly influenced by these experiences he expanded his horizons, enriched his creativity and finally imprinted all that by making his own music and Dj sets. "Regenerate" was his first release in 2011.The same year he collaborated with Orestis, Petran, Dark Elf and Daoine Sidhe and they founded Sonic Loom Music. Since that he has compiled: V.A. Loomination, V.A. Immaterial World, V.A. Alchemic Recipe, V.A. Up Psy Down and is constantly working on the upcoming psy trance releases of the label.

∞ September 2018

∞ Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails ∞

Straight from the Athenian urban forest,
Atomas and Mamka bringing out a significant
work in the form of a 4 tracks EP.
Well blended ideas, and sounds creating a
space that brings you to a psychedelic reality...

∞ Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails ∞

► 1. internal trails
► 2. reflecting worlds
► 3. diffused
► 4. to outer space

Mastering by Petran @ Echology Studios
Artwork by Jimacido
Produced by Sonic Loom Music 2018



∞ August 2018

∞ Atomas & Mamka - Internal Trails ∞
Samples On Line !!

∞ March 2018

walk randomly into the paths of possibility
you know where you’re going
radiate your frequency to feed the harmony
you know where you guide the tune
this music is made by uncovering the harmony of your random frequencies

  ► 01. Tromo - Tachyon
► 02. Tromo - Shakti Mantra
► 03. Tromo - Sorcerer's Cat
► 04. Tromo - Navel Of The Earth
► 05. Tromo - All Is A Lie
► 06. Tromo - DigiTroll
► 07. Tromo - Harmonies Of Randomness
► 08. Tromo - Enuma Elis
► 09. Tromo - Night Tales
► 10. Tromo - Kali's Temple   

Original Artwork By Plats
Graphics Editing By Dark Crystal
Mastering By Petran @ Echology Studios

Release Date: 9 March 2018