∞ July 2013


Sonic Loom proudly welcomes Stefan Torto in the collective family !!

The well known, respected producer and main composer of the fantastic 'Zen Garden' band,
presents you his 4th solo album "Inner Watt".

Magically crafted with his familiar sound perspective,
surprising us once more with a pure fusion of downbeat electronics,
multilayered with deep atmospheric, almost cinematic musical scales.

Guiding & accompanying you straight to the heart of the summer !!


∞ June 2013

Orbita Solaris - Summer Solstice

Out NOW !!


∞ February 2013


Coming in parallel with the launch of Orbita Solaris, and based on a similar concept - equinoxes
and solstices - due to the chosen release date, it consists of 4 tracks previously unreleased and
now ready to be unleashed !

Starting with the minimal approach of the N:Code based on this EP theme,
slowly evolving to reach this unique sonic journey,
the 'New Era' will be taking form on the 20th of March 2013.

When the day and the night are considered equal, when the dusk meets dawn,

when the twilight is more than present on planet Earth..

...a chance for many to be reborn or start over under the purple sky of the northward solstice!

Sonic Loom proudly announces the launch of an electronica

and downtempo release E.P Series !!

Consisting of 4 parts, based on the concept of Equinoxes & Solstices,

""Orbita Solaris"" will guide you to our planet's audio-journey around the Sun..

Carefully compiled by Daoine Sidhe & enhanced by the artists of the ""Loom"".

Each part will be released at the exact date of each Equinox & Solstice.

Beginning with the spring equinox on 20th of March 2013,
which will also be the release date of Dark Elf 's fresh E.P. entitled ""New Era"".

Through the waves of sound, let's observe the celestial phenomena !!



∞ June 2012

Dear listeners, welcome to the Sonic Loom Music portal.

A place where you can :

  • find useful information about our artistic network
  • follow our release schedule
  • get updates about events
  • listen and download music
  • contact us directly for any request or information

Our first step is a parallel release in both physical and digital formats of two compilations !!



So again, welcome aboard, and stay tuned for more !

Sonic Loom Music