∞ March 2021


Big Welcoming to the roster and second track of our VA!!!
Polyplexer is the new collaboration duo of Ilay aka Groove hunter
& Daanish Matheen aka Martian De from India.
A new project bringing us fresh breezes of grooving ideas!
Infused with psychedelic soundscapes & haunted rhythms.
We are happy to welcome them onboard
and eager to discover their new creations!

∞ May 2020

∞∞∞V.A. Time Deconstruction∞∞∞
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∞ April 2020

As we announced we had a bunch of new projects additions to our crew, the last but not least addition of this bunch is Allu.
A collaboration project between our Co-Founder Daoine Sidhe / Dendrobates and the very talented composer Thos Grol.
Their debut track "Cosmic Now" completes the tracklist of V.A. Time Deconstruction.