∞ June 2021

► Yann Sonic Loom Music◄
░░░░ Misunderstoned░░░░
Well curved and filled up with unique grooves, driven by bumping basslines and elusive atmospheres.
Roaring & rolling in worlds of fantasy and mystery.
Making sure that nothing will ever remain “Misunderstoned" !

∞ March 2021


Guess what's inside the "Magician's Hat"??
Apart of the 6th track of our VA, is the addition to our roster of Thos Grol.
A music technology freak and a nature's lover.
He has been working with us in various projects( Allu, Thos Grol chill out).
It was about time to launch his Psytrance project as part of Sonic Loom Music.
Huge welcoming!!!