∞ March 2020

♫ After the addition to our crew of Biophotons & Leso Psy Music,
is time for a warm welcoming to Mr Nick Noitrik.
As we have been working together already some time, the official engagement became naturally.

∞ February 2020


♫We are glad to welcome a very talented artist and friend in the Sonic Loom roster, at the same time

with his release "Uncharted Seas", as part of our upcoming V.A. Time Deconstruction!!♫


∞ February 2020

Is time a monster? Is time disaster?
Time could be a friend; the eternal now or mere flashes of moments.
A limitless flow, a way to explain change or existence.
Music is our spaceship for exploring time.
Through this exploration you can focus on any single moment,
keeping it going over the borders of time.
Then you open up to the experience of

∞ January 2020

We are happily introducing you
our first release of the new decade!
Consists of 10 fresh tracks carefully sellected by Ordo Ab Chao,
mastered by Petran @ echology studios and designed by somepills.com
Simultaneously we are happy to announce you
some new entries in the Sonic Loom roster!
∞ Stay Tuned ∞