∞ April 2023 ∞


Twelve years ago a bunch of friends and lovers of Music joined their energy under a common vision:
to create a collective network of artists and deliver music that expands, heals and illuminates our minds and souls.

Continuously experimenting and evolving through psychedelia, presenting new ideas without genre restrictions.
The number twelve carries mythological and magical symbolisms across different civilisations and religious traditions,
representing perfection and entirety, purity or cosmic order.
It has a special meaning in Nature, Mathematics,
Music and numerous other aspects of our everyday life.

Time brings changes and transformations.
As we evolve through life & relationships the goal always remains the same:
Music that expresses our souls.
Thus, 2023 is our 12th year anniversary!
The celebration has already begun with the debut album of Biohacker,
followed by Biophotons EP and will continue with a heavy release schedule that will soon be revealed..!

From urban jungles to nature's temples let's explore the infinite sonic universe!